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Your Wedding Day is by far, one of the most anticipated and most cherished days of your life! At Kreativ Imaging we take pride in delivering detailed attention to preserving the magic that takes place..

Our approach documents the pure emotion of the day in a creative and artistic light. We are unobtrusive to the events that unfold, and conduct ourselves in a courteous and professional manner. Customer satisfaction is held with the highest regard and our goal is always to help make your wedding day an absolute success!

All of our wedding collections are centered around our unique Kreativ Fusion program which is designed to give you the very best of everything! Whether you are in need of Photo, Cinema, Design, and/or Print services - we are your complete wedding media resource.  Not only will we create beautiful imagery for all of your incredible wedding memories, we are also there to assist with all the many design and graphic elements that go into personalizing your celebration.  Enjoy fully customized services and products made just for your needs.  Serving Metro Detroit, all of Michigan and destination weddings, we welcome you to browse our galleries to see if our style is a good fit for your special day.


In terms of service options, our goal is to deliver an experience that is just as unique and dynamic as you are, so we have done away with that generic, one-size fits most, pre-packaged approach.  Instead, we work with you 1-on-1 and together we design a Collection that is specifically tailored to you! We walk you through every step, ask all the right questions and guide you towards finding the perfect combination of services and products that you will love for a lifetime.


As far as pricing, you can usually anticipate investing approximately 10-20% of your total wedding budget for your Photo and/or Video services depending on your needs.  Given the fact all of our Collections are custom designed just for you, we still offer bundled savings using a unique investment tier program giving your dollars more and more buying power as you advance through the tiers. Our initial investment options begin at $2,000 and most couples spend between $3,750-$5,000 on average.

On a limited budget?  No worries, we have options for you!  Our Associate Photographer plans are available for those wanting quality services at lower rates.  Inquire about "Associate Plans" for details. 


Contact us for your free consultation and custom built Collection options that suit your individual needs and budget. It's our absolute pleasure to assist you in any way we can!

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